Q: Can I subscribe to 1 pound (12oz) instead of 2 bags of coffee?

 A: Yes! Though we encourage you to purchase our 2 bag subscription to help more farmers and assure 52 coffee trees are provided with your subscription, we understand everyone has their own limits to their caffeine intake.  

Q: Why does the coffee seem to cost more than Starbucks or Peets?

 A: Bantu coffee is specialty and artisan coffee. It is impeccably sourced and roasted in small batches, on demand. When you order for coffee, it is roasted and sent to you, instead of buying lower scoring beans off the shelf. More importantly, your purchase is truly making a difference, and this is what will endure...the lives you change!

Q: Is Bantu the same as Hiinga?

 A: Bantu is an independent coffee social enterprise with a specific vision of serving coffee farmers. Hiinga is an implementing partner in East Africa that has years of experience on the ground to assure the best for our farmers.

Q: How can I host a coffee party? Can anyone do it?

 A: Yes, anyone can host a coffee party. If you are already a Bantu subscriber, please send us an email and we will send you a free coffee party kit! If you are not yet a subscriber, please contact us. We will sell you coffee that you can use for the coffee party on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Do you sell coffee wholesale?

 A: We do offer wholesale opportunities. Contact us about your needs for consideration.

Q: Can my business or church serve Bantu Coffee?

 A: We love it when our coffee is served to your employees or on Sunday morning at your small or big church. Please contact us about creating an accountable coffee partnership.