In 2012, Andy Agaba and his wife Sonya started Hiinga, a microfinance organization with a mission to invest in small farmers in Africa. Since then, Hiinga has invested in over 4,000 farmers and has a vision to fund 100,000 farming families by 2020. 

Last year, Sonya and Andy realized that they could begin to sell specialty coffee to you as a way of generating revenue to fund small farmers to plant coffee trees, and to create jobs here in the US. 

Andy and Sonya's efforts have been joined by Carly Getz, and Johnathan Hershey and Tyler Hershey as Co-Founders to bring the Bantu Coffee vision to fruition. The Hershey brothers are from Pennsylvania, and Carly lives in San Francisco. They all have boundless passion for coffee and great desire to support the work of coffee farmers. Last year, Carly spent the summer working with Coffee farmers in Uganda.

We are thrilled to share our great coffee and passion for farmers with you! 













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